Are you interested in having fun for the whole day?

Do you like adrenaline? Do you have time with your friends, family or business? So come to us! We will be happy to prepare entertainment for you and especially an experience that you will take away and you will remember for a long time. We have been here since 2013 and we do the best services in Prague, shooting services. We are interested in you and we try to do everything for you to come back to us and remember us well. We can take you from the hotel to us, to our business and shooting in prague and bring you back!

We can do all this for you!


Why choose us and our services?

We are available! You can come to us from anywhere, around Prague. Weather? No problem! We go through all seasons! Spring, summer, autumn winter and fun is needed! In the rain, in the wind we are here for you and make the experience even better than other services. Best prices in the area! We are available from a financial point of view, because we want the best service for you, we have from our side in our power.

So what? Already booked?

Just pick up the phone and call or write! Our services are on a level, we have trainers who are accompanied by their practice and knowledge in the field has excellent. The weather is not a problem, we try to satisfy you in any weather, we are here mainly for you! Our price packs and discount packages are cheap and in the packers you can find weapons, equipment, vests and various shooting supplies. Are you interested in our other events or packages? During the call, you can make an appointment with our assistant and he will be happy to help you.

Make an experience!

What can you choose from us? Weapons that will be large, small or medium! Fast reloading, range up to 5 meters and even more, better vests or modern equipment! You can arrange all this over the phone or in person, where the instructor will be happy to advise you and do the maximum in his power.